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Termites can wreak havoc on your property by causing extensive structural damage. Diehard provides exceptional termite services to help clients keep these destructive pests away for good.

Understanding Common Termite Problems

  • These pests typically feed on wooden furniture, ceilings, floors, and more.
  • Termites traverse through metal siding, plaster, and other materials.
  • Subterranean termites are known for their destructive nature as they can cause long lasting damage to the foundation of your office, warehouse, and more.
  • Termites love cellulose-based materials such as books and even carpets. Once they ‘build a home’ under your carpet, they can start reproducing in early summer at a quick rate.

Why are Termite Control Solutions Important?

  • Avoid costly structural repairs.
  • Protect cloths, carpets, furniture, and more.
  • Avoid triggering allergies.
  • Prevent loss of resale value of your property.

Diehard Pest Management Solutions | How Our Termite Control Services Work

  • Our thorough inspection procedures include checking your crawlspaces for moisture, foundation for wood debris, and other high-risk areas that may attract termites.
  • We combine our sharp pairs of eyes and state of the art equipment to determine if there is any termite activity or if the structure of your building has been compromised by a termite infestation.
  • Diehard works closely with clients to determine the best course of action that needs to be taken to rid the termites.
  • Our solutions work within, inside, and outside of the foundation to provide a protective area around your building. We may treat spaces and voids in interior and exterior walls, around pipes, and more. All these things can be done without causing damage to your existing landscape.
  • We monitor the status of your termite control program to ensure everything is functioning properly and you are protected.


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Why Choose Diehard for Termite Control Solutions?

  • Innovative pest control techniques that ensure a quality job is done.
  • Our termite specialists are experts in the field with minimum 10 years’ experience.
  • Utilize comprehensive termite programs to protect structures from damage.
  • Extended warranty on termite services

Need help with fixing a termite infestation? Simply call us at 718 491 4188 or email us at to get started.